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Teacher’s Profile






SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School has a total of 27 dedicated asatizah teaching with us on a part-time basis. All of our teachers are full-time madrasah graduates and are currently pursuing their studies academically in local Polytechnics/Universities.

As we are expanding, interested candidates who wish to join us as a teacher are welcome to email us your resume to liyana@simplyislam.sg. We regret that only successful candidates will be notified.


Ustazah Liyana Abdul Rahaim
Ustazah Liyana is a graduate of the prestigious Al-Azhar University (Egypt) in Shari’ah. She has been a part-time teacher at SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School since its inception in 2006.  Upon her graduation from Al-Azhar University, she worked at Mendaki Sense for about two years, and subsequently joined SimplyIslam in December as a full-time staff as SimplyIslam’s Assistant Vice-Principal.


Ustaz Muhammad Salleh bin Abdul Aziz
Ustaz Muhammad Salleh is a graduate of Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah and has completed his full-time pre-university studies at the madrasah. He also studied at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is an accredited Asatizah certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore and the Asatizah Recognition Board, and currently teach at SimplyIslam’s weekend Islamic school. He is a full-time with SimplyIslam as its Arabic Language Consultant and regularly conducts translation and interpretation assignments. He currently teaches the Level 5 & Level 6 class at SimplyIslam’s weekend Islamic school. He is also an expert on Prophetic healing and medicine and regularly conducts the popular “Prophetic Healing” course at SimplyIslam. He is proficient in Arabic, English and Malay. View [Asatizah Recognition Certificate].


Ustazah Masni Bte Abdul Hamid
Ustazah Masni studied at Madrasah Al-Maarif (Singapore) and Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah (Singapore) up to a Pre-University level. She is currently teaching the Preschool class at SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School. View [Asatizah Recognition Certificate].