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List of Arabic/Iqra’/Qur’an Courses for 2018


Many of you have been emailing and calling to ask for this year’s intakes of Arabic/Iqra/Qur’an courses. Here’s the list! We will likely only have 1 intake for the year so please register soon if you’re interested.

Please find more details about the various courses and register at the following links:

  1. Conversational Arabic: www.speakarabic.eventbrite.sg
  2. Recite Iqra: www.reciteiqra.eventbrite.sg
  3. Zaytuna Level 1: www.zaytuna1.eventbrite.sg
  4. Zaytuna Level 2: www.zaytuna2.eventbrite.sg
  5. Qur’anic Arabic Level 1: www.quranicarabic1.eventbrite.sg
  6. Qur’anic Arabic Level 2: www.quranicarabic2.eventbrite.sg?