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Aftab Malik Singapore Tour 2016

He has been called a “first rate scholar” by John L. Esposito, “a rising intellectual star” by The Muslim World Book Review, an “expert [on] British Islam” by World Defense Review columnist Abigail Esman and as someone “at the cutting edge of research on Islam and at the heart of a group of young, emerging Muslim scholars, as well as established Muslim scholars,” by Professor Philip Lewis at the department of Peace Studies (University of Bradford).

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Marriage & Family: Building Relationships of Mercy & Tranquility

We hear the words “MERCY”, “TRANQUILITY” and “LOVE” regularly used when we talk about marriage and family in the Qur’an but what do they really mean, and how can we get them or manifest them in our relationships with our spouse, children and parents? Our relationships are one of the *greatest* ways for us to serve the people around us, ...

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