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Self-radicalisation – so, what can we do?

  While it is sad to hear of the recent announcement by Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs on the detention of the first female Singaporean for radicalism, it is nonetheless not surprising.  Given the recent spate of arrests of self-radicalised individuals, it was probably just a matter of time.  Afterall, females have been an active target of recruitment by ISIS ...

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10 Things to learn from the Shaykh Hamza Yusuf/RIS Controversy

Much has been said about Shaykh Hamza’s “controversial” comments, some of which I have read. There’s the fair, the good, and the ugly. The mocking, the sarcastic, and the personal. My own two-cents is that this debacle shows what happens when you seek/demand a retraction/apology, offer counsel on social media. You draw out the worse elements within people who then ...

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What I Learnt in Six Hours With Ustadh Usama Canon

In today’s post-modern world, where just about anybody with access to social media can proffer an opinion, how does a believer become rightly-guided? Where does a Muslim’s moral compass come from? About 100 people showed up at 152 Still Road, the former premises of the Al-Khairiah Islamic School, for a workshop by Ustadh Usama Canon, a popular American preacher of ...

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