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Zaytuna Arabic Certificate 2017

This 8-months certificate course is designed for those who are keen on pursuing their Arabic studies at higher/tertiary levels. The lessons will be conducted in Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha) with intermittent usage of English to facilitate understanding. It is a continuation of the previous courses, starting by reviewing and honing the topics and main points covered in the first levels. ...

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Stories of the Qur’an 2017

Course Description This course is dedicated for those who are interested in the history of  earlier prophets mentioned in the holy Qur’an and narrated in classical works such as Ibn Kathir’s Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah and Qisasul Anbiya’. The course will cover the periods from the Creation of the Prophet Adam (alaihi salam) to the devastating floods of the Prophet Nuh (as), from ...

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Ta’allam al Arabiyah 2017 – Arabic for Beginners

Course Description This course is considered to be the first step for a student of Arabic who wants to proceed to some formal instruction, either level 1 or any other course related to Arabic language. This course provides an introduction to Modern Standard Arabic. The course is basically dedicated to the Arabic alphabet as it covers the 28 letters of the ...

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What I Learnt in Six Hours With Ustadh Usama Canon

In today’s post-modern world, where just about anybody with access to social media can proffer an opinion, how does a believer become rightly-guided? Where does a Muslim’s moral compass come from? About 100 people showed up at 152 Still Road, the former premises of the Al-Khairiah Islamic School, for a workshop by Ustadh Usama Canon, a popular American preacher of ...

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Al-Furqan Camp 2016 (November)

Are your children ALWAYS with their phones & gadgets? Do you wish that they would CHOOSE the Qur’an over their games instead? Are you concerned that the December holidays would come & go without them BENEFITING from it? Our Al-Furqan Camp is held twice a year during the holidays and from our feedback, the children LOVE their time here! Not ...

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