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Imam Afroz Ali

Imam Afroz Ali can clearly remember himself as a child watching his father (may Allah sanctify his soul) pursue his two greatest passions: serving others and teaching. This powerful relationship with a man who was both friend and father, who nurtured him in sometimes surprising ways, inspired in Imam Afroz a deep understanding the power of role models and leaders to nurture excellence in an individual. Inspired to be a part of positive action in his community, Imam Afroz began the journey of a student of knowledge.

Those studies have taken Imam Afroz from university-based academia (the Islamic University in Madina, Saudi Arabia) to more traditional studies in Yemen, the United States and Mauritania. He has received licences to teach from some of the most esteemed Islamic Scholars of our time. He has also travelled to Cairo, Egypt for further studies in Islamic Jurisprudence with Scholars at al-Azhar University and is on the Board of Advisors at Markaz Aleem in Cairo, Egypt.

In addition to teaching for SeekersGuidance, Imam Afroz serves on the SG Management Team as the Managing Director.

Imam Afroz is also the Founder and President of Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences & Human Development (http://alghazzali.org/) based in Sydney, Australia. The Al-Ghazzali Centre is a Learning Centre for sacred Islamic knowledge, and committed to the dissemination of the authentic and traditional Islamic principles and knowledge from the Prophetic traditions.

Imam Afroz also conducts corporate training on a range of subjects, including Team building, Personal Leadership, Change Management, Business Strategy Development and Corporate Ethics. He also utilises his corporate training skills to mentor and train community organisations in Community Sustainability Programs, Personal Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, Spiritual Development, Motivation and Goals Setting.

Imam Afroz is a founding member of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. He is also the recipient of the International Ambassador for Peace award and is an Australian Ambassador for the Charter for Compassion. He has initiated philanthropic as well as sustainable environment projects in Australia and abroad, and continues to advocate for peace, acceptance, justice and interpersonal rights.

Imam Afroz’s personal interests include an occasional game of soccer or cricket. He reads widely on environmental science, ethics and practical spirituality and is passionately interested in ecology, well-being and human psychology. In his most private times (often in between airports), he gives Qur’an his utmost attention by reading and reflecting on classical works of Tafsir. He currently resides with his family in Sydney, Australia.