• Al-Furqan Camp AD 2016 (1)

    Al-Furqan Camp 2016 (June)

      Are your children ALWAYS with their phones & gadgets? Do you wish that they would CHOOSE the Qur’an over their games instead? Are you concerned that the June holidays would come &...

  • Marriage & Family Final Poster

    Marriage & Family: Building Relationships of Mercy & Tranquility

    We hear the words “MERCY”, “TRANQUILITY” and “LOVE” regularly used when we talk about marriage and family in the Qur’an but what do they really mean, and how ...

  • Seerah Retreat

    The Seerah Retreat

    An illuminating 2-day Seerah Retreat with a Seerah specialist, Shaykh Faid Muhammad Sa'id from London! ...

  • Shaykh Faid notinourname

    Not In Our Name! Reclaiming Our Faith.

    Afghanistan, Syria, Paris, Turkey, Jakarta. It is just deeply appalling to hear of yet another act of terrorism killing hundreds of innocent people. All in the name of Islam. Or is it really? ...

  • ShFaid5

    Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said in Singapore!

    Join Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said in Singapore from 20 to 23 May 2016. Visit http://simplyislam.sg/shaykhfaid for details and registration. ...


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